Hairy Situations: 3 Common Hair Issues (And How To Fix Them)

When it comes to dealing with the troubles and tangles that come with having hair on your head, there are many different issues that can come up and cause you irritation (and sometimes embarrassment). However, out of all the hair issues in the world, there generally tend to be three common mainstays: dry scalp, dandruff, and frizzy hair. So if you're wondering how to fix these three common hair issues without going in to see a professional, then here's what you need to know.

Dry Scalp

This little hair annoyance is often referred to as dandruff, but it's actually not the same thing at all; dandruff (see below for more details) generally occurs in those with an excess of oil, while dry scalp just refers to a scalp so dry that the skin begins to flake off, and usually occurs in those with naturally dry skin. Dry scalp can be handled a number of ways, but a good place to start is with a leave-in conditioner that provides moisture to your scalp for hours on end. To make your own leave-in conditioner, simply take 2-3oz of all-natural moisturizing conditioner and add it to an ounce or two of distilled water (not tap water) in a spray bottle. After that, add 1/8 to 1/6 of a cup of coconut oil in and finish it off with a tablespoon of vegetable glycerin and a few drops of good-smelling essential oil. Shake the mixture to combine and spray all over your scalp and hair before brushing it. 


As established above, dandruff is just the simple name for the condition of a flaking scalp due to an excess of oil or the presence of a type of bacteria or fungi. There are a lot of different dandruff cures on the market, but generally people either purchase a dandruff shampoo from their local supermarket or make their own home remedy. To make your own, take a bit of apple cider vinegar from your pantry (about a fourth of a cup), a cup of water, and half a lemon's worth of juice and put it in a spray bottle. After shaking it to combine, spray all over your scalp and wrap your hair up in a towel for at least 45 minutes, if not an hour. Wash your hair normally once the hour is up and repeat 3 times a week until the dandruff is gone.


Frizzy hair is often the bane of the curly-haired person's existence, causing massive havoc in changing rooms and bathrooms all over the world. But instead of relying on questionable treatments (like the ever-popular but not-very-effective method of rubbing an anti-static dryer sheet on your head), follow these basic tips. Use a shampoo with glycerin in it, never skip conditioner, and do not blow your hair dry. If you still have areas of frizz, hairspray and a clean mascara wand should do the trick.

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