What Coolsculpting Can Do That Lipo Can't

Coolsculpting is the brand name given to cryolipolysis. It is a process whereby the shape and contours of your body are vastly improved with the use of extreme cold. It has many advantages over liposuction, which include all of the following.

No Cutting and NO Scars

With liposuction, a doctor makes a long incision at the bottom of your abdomen or shorter incisions in the other areas of your body. A canula is inserted through the incision, and with very rough, very quick strokes, the surgeon uses the sharp end of the canula to scrape the fat from the skin and go a tad deeper. As he/she does so, the fat bursts and the canula doubles as the suction tool to remove fat. Then you are stitched up, with drains and bandages, and you later develop scar tissue. 

With cryolipolysis, there is no cutting into your flesh, no fat scraping, no fat-sucking, and no stitches, drains, or scars. Your skin might be a little pink and a little numb for an hour after each procedure. That is it.

The Fat Cells DIE and Are Flushed From the Body

Some things in life are just so satisfying — like revenge on fat cells. With cryolipolysis, the level of cold distributed to fat cells kills the cells. They rupture, and the contents are flushed from the body as waste, never to re-emerge and cause problems again. 

Sure, with traditional lipo, the fat cells are removed, but these are at surface level only. The next time you consume fried foods, cake, pie, cookies, and a pint of ice cream, the fat cells left behind just plump up to take the space of the missing cells. Since cryolipolysis kills fat cells, nothing can plump up and take the place of the missing cells.

You Can Freeze and Kill Fat in Multiple Areas Simultaneously

If a plastic surgeon does lipo, he or she only works on one or two areas per surgery. This means that lipo on your whole body could take years to complete. Now, imagine a couple of cryolipolysis machines with their attachments all placed on different parts of your body, working simultaneously to kill fat. It is akin to having three or four plastic surgeons agreeing to do drastic plastic surgery on four areas of your body at the same time. The only differences here are that you need no surgeons or surgery, no waiting to do another procedure four to six months from now, and the results are gradual.

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