Botox Treatments Really Rid Your Facial Skin Of Wrinkles

It's a good idea for you to fully understand the science of how Botox works for the wrinkle-free cosmetic procedure you've been scheduled to undergo. You'll have a better understanding of what to expect. Understanding what the procedure is all about helps you to realize that everyone undergoing a Botox treatment reacts differently. There could be a reason why your procedure does not seem to show the exact results you're expecting right away. Given a little extra time though, you'll come to realize that yes, Botox is really working but only a little different in its timing for you.

Success Aided By Your Expectations

Success in your procedure all boils down to your expectations from the procedure you're about to undergo. In your initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, you'll be given details about what will be done during your wrinkle-free surgery. Your targeted facial muscles that cause your wrinkles will be temporarily relaxed during the surgery. The specific muscle's ability to contract is then shut down so that the deep wrinkles can be reduced. You'll be able to see that the deep wrinkles you had on your forehead prior to surgery are reduced.

Break In Treatment Timing

If you've undergone a wrinkle-free type of procedure in the past, your own body might be relying on how long it has been since you had your last Botox appointment. Remember that you must keep all your treatment session appointments in order to maintain the Botox looks you want. If there has been a long break between the last appointment you had and your current treatment time, your body will use up the break in time to build up more neurotoxin protein antibodies.

What Neurotoxin Proteins Are Doing

What happens then is that although those proteins are still keeping your body safe, they more than likely will prevent the current cosmetic results from showing your improved post-surgical status. So that's something you should be aware of, and there is no need for you to panic. Allow a little longer time following surgery to receive the full impact of your improved appearance in this type of scenario. You can discuss the issue with your cosmetic surgeon when you return for your follow-up appointment.

FDA Approved Botox Wrinkle-Free Treatment

Don't give up on your wrinkle problems. Yes, wrinkles will appear on most people's facial skin as you age. It can be distressing. However, new technology allows you to benefit from a cosmetic procedure that is approved by the FDA to remove wrinkles. You will look better following a Botox treatment that is performed by a licensed and professional plastic surgeon. 

For more information on Botox services, contact your local cosmetic procedures medical office.