3 Tips for Achieving and Keeping Clear Skin

Achieving clear skin and keeping your skin clear can be a constant battle. With numerous retail and professional skin care products and services available, finding the right skin care routine to achieve your goals is within reach. Exfoliate Regularly Exfoliation is one of the best defenses against clogged pores. You may find your acne breakouts are caused by oil and dead skin cells that become trapped inside pores. Routinely using a face brush when washing your face can help keep your skin exfoliated and allow other products in your skin routine to better absorb. [Read More]

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun When You Are Allergic to Common Sunscreens

It is common knowledge that prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your skin and increase your chances of melanoma, the deadliest of skin cancer types. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from melanoma is to wear sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF). However, if you are allergic to common forms of sunscreen, you will have to find other ways to get a high level of protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays. [Read More]

Choosing The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

The color of your hair should complement your skin, making both look vibrant and healthy. If you're thinking about changing the color of your hair, you'll want to be selective about the color that you choose. In fact, you'll need to consider your skin tone and ideal color groups before you choose your new hair color. Here are some tips to help you select the right shade to transform your tresses. [Read More]

Answering Common Concerns About Careers In Cosmetology

A career as a stylist can be an excellent occupation for those that enjoy helping improve others' appearances. If this is a path that you have an interest in pursuing, it is important for you to have the right information before you make your decision. After you consider the following answers to a couple of common questions about pursuing this career path, you will have a better idea if being a hair stylist is right for you. [Read More]